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Introduction To Hypercasual Game Development(HYP101)

[Featured Course]Learn the intricacies of hypercasual game development from scratch and go on to create several app, web,game development projects of your own through Codevita Live’s comprehensive HYP-101 Course. 8 weeks. 50 projects. Loads of fun.

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Introducing Data Science FastTrack.

World’s most comprehensive, affordable and loaded data science programme is here. Learn the intricacies of data science and machine learning including data visualization, wrangling, clustering, algorithms and a lot more in 6 months and supercharge your resume with up to 10 capstone projects!

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Quantum Leap

Master the theory behind Quantum computing and learn the basics of Quantum programming using Qiskit with Codevita Live’s one of a kind Quantum Computing Certification!

Bon-Voyage Series

Venture into the intricacies of a new programming language in a couple of weeks with our world-class pedagogy and build your resume with some great capstone projects for just Rs.450!

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