Attain a solid foundation in the rudiments of Data Science in one compact program!

Data Science FastTrack

Apply now for Codevita Live’s Data Science FastTrack programme before the cohort gets full. Take advantage of a 10-week curriculum that covers everything that you need to know to kickstart your dream career, from scratch and at your own pace.

The internship function would be activated once sufficient progress has been achieved in the course.

Work on cool hands-on projects to amplify your profile. Gain an internship certificate, work experience and mentoring after the completion of the programme.

Not sure about your decision to enroll in Codevita Live’s signature DSF programme? No problem. Audit the course for a few weeks by paying Rs.300 upfront and pay the rest of the fees only if you are satisfied with the programme.

For any questions or queries, contact:[email protected]

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Programme Details

Primary LanguageR, Python, SQL
Graduation CriteriaMinimum 60% in all weekly checkpoint exams
Ideal ForStudents and professionals looking forward to making a career as a data scientist/analyst/engineer.
Topics CoveredNeural Networks
Data Wrangling
Data Visualization
Computer Vision
Data Analytics
Data Analysis
Machine Learning
Maths behind Data Science/ML
Other Highlights10+ Capstone Projects
Premium Career Services
24/7 Doubt Support
Customized Pathways/Sidetracks
Lifetime access
PricingRs.500/$7 Rs.6000/$82
Commitment5-6 hours a week
Internship FunctionsEDA, Supervised/Unsupervised Machine Learning, Sentimental Analysis
ModeVideo/Text tutorials on our LMS

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The World Is One Big Data Problem.

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