Codevita Live Campus Chapter

Join hands with us to train the STEM leader of tomorrow by organising technical hackathons, workshops competitions, quizzes and webinars in your institution.

Logistics support and perks for winners are 100% on us.

Roles And Responsibilities

  • Creating, recruiting, growing, and leading the College Chapter
  • Organizing regular events, meetups, and speaker sessions
  • Monitoring the growth of students on campus and ensuring a peer-learning environment
  • Setting a vision for the College Chapter and creating goals aligned with Codevita Live team for improvements and development of the College Chapter

What’s In It For You?

Make an impact: You will play a crucial role in building a strong programming community of disruptors.

Build professional skills: Chapter leaders will get the opportunity to get their hands dirty and build strong communication, campaigning, project management, people management & programming skills while at university.

Gain Recognition: Gain recognition from your university and receive recognization from Codevita Live. Receive special perks and rewards from us.