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Introducing The Bon Voyage Training+ Internship Program

Venture into the intricacies of a new programming language in a couple of weeks and complete exhaustive tasks in a one-month timeframe to obtain a cool internship completion certificate, work experience and perennial bragging rights.

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The most comprehensive training cum internship program for students. Period.

The program will brush up on your chosen programming languageā€™s fundamentals and help you build some comprehensive capstone projects to bolster your profile.

You will be pursuing intermediate-level tasks related to your internship function side by side in your training.

Codevita Live has philanthropy in the heart of everything it does and hence offers this program for a trivial student-friendly fee.

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Choose from several internship functions.

Depending on the track you choose,you can choose an internship function in the domain of web development,python programmer, database administrator and so on.

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Application Process

Application Process

Fill in your basic details for applying for this internship, pay the fee and wait for further correspondence. The internship completion certificate would be only released after the completion of your tasks and successful verification of your credentials.

Application For Bon Voyage Internship Program

Program Details

Available TracksPython, CSS, SQL
Ideal ForStudents and professionals looking forward to enhance their profile
Contentsi) Modules for intermediate level language proficiency
ii)Capstone Projects
Other Highlights10+ Capstone Projects
Premium Career Services
24/7 Doubt Support
Lifetime access
PricingRs.200/$3 Rs.450/$6
Commitment5-6 hours a week
Internship FunctionsPython Programmer(Python Track)
Web Development(CSS Track)
Database Administrator (SQL Track)
ModeVideo/Text tutorials on our LMS

Fill out the application to the best of your ability to be considered for the program. Expect to hear back from us within a week!

Learning the art of programming, like most other disciplines, Consists Of First Learning The Rules And Then Learning When To Break Them.