Introducing The Bon Voyage Series

Venture into the intricacies of a new programming language in a couple of weeks and build your resume with some great capstone projects at the cost of a Starbucks coffee! Learning a new programming language is like embarking an epic journey on terrains unexplored and Codevita Live will act as a perfect oracle to godspeed your journey!


Q)What exactly would I learn?

Ans.) We would be covering the must know fundamentals of the programming language in question ( Think of enough content to cover a semester of college or to crack your dream entry-level role).The course will be supplemented with some capstone projects to bolster your profile.

Q.)What’s the criterion for attaining the certification?

Ans.) You will have to pass a certification exam to be taken after completing the course.

Q.) What is the cost of the programme?

Ans.) Rs.450