Was your initial reaction after learning about us smh?

Don’t worry, we have got you covered here as well!

Q.) How do I know that I have been accepted or rejected from one of the Codevita Live’s workshops?

Ans.) It doesn’t takes us more than a week to review your application and delight you with that acceptance you have been waiting for. Beyond that, it might turn out that we couldn’t accept you in that cohort . There is no reason to be demotivated here ,as maybe we thought that you are more suitable to be a future Puskas award winner than a STEM leader, or maybe you were way too overpowered and we thought we won’t be able to contribute in your growth. Or maybe just the cohorts were full . In any of the case, if you want to feel how the Codevita Edge feels like you can always mail us at our official ID to see what is in store for you!

Q)Can I get an application fee waiver?

Ans.) Ofcourse! But you will have to pay us with your souls! We meant putting in your hearts and souls in making the Earth a better place . Mail us your application at our official Student Connect ID and follow it up with a picture of tree sampling that you recently planted . We will straightforward process your application.

Q.)Can I donate or volunteer with Codevita Live ?

Ans.) You can definitely volunteer with Codevita Live! Mail us with your proposal on our official ID and if you would like to donate some goodies to the underprivileged children that we cater you could reach out as well!

Q.)Can I request more financial aid after completing the Codevita Live Scholarship Exam?

Ans.) Ultimately, Codevita Live is a goodwill organization on a mission to train children into future STEM leaders . We offer need based aid as well!

Q.) Can I audit Codevita Live’s courses for free?

Ans.) Well definitely yes ,provided you get accepted .Otherwise there is no conventional way you can audit Codevita Live’s courses for free. You can take a look at the Powershot series.

You can contact us with any questions on our official ID and we will be in touch with you soon!

Q.)Does Codevita Live provide certification? Can I flex my credentials on Social Media?

Ans.) All Of Codevita Live’s courses include certification provided you pass the course with an overall percentage of more than 60% . We are flexible with this cutoff with children from underprivileged backgrounds. You can definitely share your credentials on social media.

Q) Does Codevita Live provide live online classes?

Ans.) We don’t provide live online classes and our modus operandi is completely different. We follow a module based system where you have to give an checkpoint exam related to the contents of the previous week’s contents to proceed to unlock the further contents of the course. This ensures that our students have a proper understanding of the course contents being covered.

Q.) Does Codevita Live provide placement assistance?

Ans.) Assistance? Yes. Guarantee? No. Codevita Live doesn’t forge partnerships with any employers or invite any recruiter to hire it’s students but provides several tools and services to assist its students in achieving their goals. As we train students with a wide variety of backgrounds ranging from RMIT Australia to University Of Alberta in Canada, providing placement guarantee wouldn’t quite be possible for us.

Q.)What would happen if I miss a checkpoint exam?

Ans.)Codevita Live is really stringent about its checkpoint exams and skipping the checkpoint examination without any possible explanation can result in the cancellation of your enrollment.

Q.)Is Codevita Live affiliated with any educational institute?

Ans.) No. To put things into perspective, there is not much use of being affiliated with ETH Zurich or UNSW when we train grads from UC Berkeley and NUS.