Always stay ahead of the curve with our world class instructors, cutting edge curriculum and celebrated pedagogy!

At Codevita Live,we believe in bringing out the best in each and every child. There is an innate genius inside every child. You will be awestruck by the things your child will be able to do. Find a programme that best suits your needs.

Take your career to the next level with our advanced Hypercasual Game Development course!

From Flappy Bird To A

To Do List.

We have got everything covered for you/your child.

Unlike other programmes, admissions to our programme are competitive and all candidates are required to go through a small screening process to ensure your child learns with and from the best .

Apply today, expect to hear back from us within a week. We don’t expect your ward to have any prior programming experience to complete the workshop, just loads of enthusiasm and a zeal to learn and innovate .Thanks to the work of our instructors ,the course wouldn’t require a huge time commitment and is pretty manageable with normal school coursework. Parent supervision is absolutely not required ,but recommended if your child is not fairly comfortable with operating a computer and the internet.

With our emphasis on training future STEM leaders, you can take our word that your
financial constraints wouldn’t come in your way to enroll in our futuristic courses.

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Our Stratagem Is Simple And Steadfast.

At The Start Of Each Week, The Child Will Be Assigned A Module With Instructions To Complete This Week’s Project. We Will Just Be Providing A Framework, And Leave A Lot Of Things To The Child’s Own Creativity. This Will Be Followed By Doubt Clearing Sessions In The Weekend. Several Competitions Will Be Running Amongst Students Of The Same Cohort.

The first few modules are same for everyone ,after which your child decides what he/she wants to build thus creating a unique journey for everyone.

Why Coding?

Coding is fundamental to almost all developments in STEM: be it GPT-3 to Fortnite. Apart from it’s traditional benefits, it helps one to develop mental aptitude, problem solving skills and develops one’s logical reasoning which is fundamental to almost all types of careers. Developing computational thinking at a young age can open up several avenues for one to prosper later in life.

Figured out game development isn’t really your niche? Check out our other courses.

Quantum Leap

Always wanted to learn the A-Z of Quantum Computing but confused where to start? Master the theory behind Quantum computing and learn the basics of Quantum programming using Qiskit with Codevita Live’s one of a kind Quantum Computing Certification!

Data Science FastTrack with Codevita Live.

Always wanted to get hands on experience on data science but don’t know where to start ? We have again got you covered ! Well,we understand that going through a tough screening process isn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea so we have made this course open for everyone ! The course follows the same pedagogy as our other programmes and you get access to the content curated by the same beloved instructors of Codevita Live! Be it learning about the different types of neural network to creating your first Tensorflow project, you can count on us for everything!

Our courses are curated by experts from the best universities around the globe and tested by several kids to ensure the best possible experience for your kid. So What Are You Waiting For?

Apply early to get a chance for the best consideration and avoid the waitlist!

Competitive scholarships available for the best candidates.

From Qiskit to IBM Watson, we have got everything covered for your child.

Applications open for our absolutely fantastic Classic Hypercasual Game Development Course and other courses.

Why Us?

  • Learn from instructors trained by the best universities in the world
  • Learn industry orientated skills that actually matter
  • Unlike other platforms, enrolling in our courses is only possible by going through several stages of screening.
  • Compact pricing as the emphasis is on creating future STEM leaders and several full scholarships handed out through the CSE(CodeVita Scholarship Exam)
  • The courses are as relevant to a 12 year old as to a 24 year old, all all it requires is a zeal to learn
  • No prior programming experience required, but be prepared to outwit college grads and programmers early in their career:)
  • Get exposure to a wide variety of skills, from Qiskit to Tensorflow.
  • 24/7 support, we will be there for you when no one else is.