Skill Brewery: Free Internship Program

Work on cool hands-on projects to amplify your profile. Gain an internship certificate, work experience and mentoring after the completion of the programme.

Choose a domain of your interest and get started now! Please note that you can only complete one internship function at a time and will have to wait at least one month before pursuing another function.

Application Process

  • Fill out the application below and follow us on Linkedin/Instagram
  • Don’t forget to fill out the verification form (in the form of a Google Form) reading all instructions in the form carefully. Failure to follow the instructions will invite a fine /have your application deleted!
  • Both steps are compulsory!

Taking in applications for the December cohort!

Fill in the form below and the verification form that you get afterwards. Make sure you read all instructions carefully!

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PerksCapstone Project Intensive
LinkedIn profile building
24/7 Support
Internship Completion Certificate
Commitment5-6 hours a week/1 month
Ideal ForStudents pursuing any technical/managerial field at a graduate/undergraduate level
Pricing Free*

*A candidate may occur small fines if he/she violates our rules and regulations for this programme.

For any questions or queries, contact:[email protected]

Interested in having your institute as a partner institute for the skill-brewery programme? Have your institute drop a mail to [email protected] with an official ID!

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